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Photo Booth

Our "open-concept" (camera and backdrop) Photo Booth is shot manually with a down to earth friendly photographer to ensure proper framing every time no matter the size of the group. This allows for large groups to have flexibility while having fun. We also allow guests to view their shots and select which shots they want prior to final printing.

Omega 28th Annual Gala PB
Omega 28th Annual Gala PB
Gennel_John Baby Shower-017
Gennel_John Baby Shower-023
Gennel_John Baby Shower-014
40th Photobooth
40th Photobooth
Delta Theta 41st Brunch Photo Booth-078
Delta Theta 41st Brunch Photo Booth-146
Delta Sigma Theta Lunch-040w
Delta Sigma Theta Lunch-031w
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-057
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-034
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-043
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-027
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-031
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-008
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-005
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-013
M&J Engagement Photo Booth-052
K&C wedding
K&C wedding
K&C wedding
K&C wedding
Akeem's bday-028L
Akeem's bday-022L
Akeem's bday-013L
Omega Psi Masquerade Ball-062L
Omega Psi Masquerade Ball-045L
Omega Psi Masquerade Ball-021L
Omega Psi Masquerade Ball-028L
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